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TOPTICA is a long-time supporter of the RAMAN community providing suited, narrow linewidth and ultrafast laser solutions from the UV to the NIR.

Single-frequency lasers and ultrafast fiber lasers for Raman Applications


  • 785 nm
  • 500 mW, single-mode TEM00
  • Linewidth: < 1*10-3 cm-1
  • ASE suppression > 40dB

iBeam smart 785 WS

For more compact setups

  • 785 nm, 850 nm
  • 125 mW / 250 mW, single-mode TEM00
  • Linewidth: < 1*10-3 cm-1
  • ASE suppression > 30 dB

FemtoFiber CARS

Ultracompact, femtosecond fiber-laser systems for nonlinear Raman spectroscopy (CARS / SRS)

  • Spectral coverage <450 cm-1 to >7500 cm-1
  • Pump laser at 780 nm or 1050 nm
  • Tunable or broadband Stokes lasers covering 488 nm - 1400 nm
  • Fully turn-key with integrated adjustable timing between pump and stokes lasers

Turn-key DUV solutions below 250 nm enable the emerging field of UV Raman

Example Specs:

  • 229 nm
  • 10 mW, single-mode TEM00
  • Linewidth: < 1*10-4 cm-1
  • ASE suppression > 30 dB

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Having provided lasers for Raman applications in all wavelength ranges for 15 years, I am excited to move the field forward with novel solutions.

TOPTICA’s broad portfolio allows me to always provide the fitting laser for the customer’s requirement: from compact cw sources over high power single-frequency laser to high-end multi-arm ultrafast systems.

My personal focus is currently on advancing the ultraviolet (UV) range in Raman spectroscopy.

- Harald Rossmeier / Product Manager

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